Jason Jordan is Reportedly Pushing for an In-Ring Return

Jason Jordan is a former Triple Crown Tag Team Champion but in recent years he has accepted a new role as a producer backstage in WWE.

Jordan was last seen on WWE TV at the beginning of 2018 following Royal Rumble while he was still part of a storyline with Kurt Angle.

Jordan underwent neck surgery in February 2018 but it was believed that the injury was much worse than first feared and Jordan has since transitioned into a backstage role in WWE.

In his time away from the ring, Jordan has also welcomed his first child, a daughter called Ava, but according to his former tag team partner, Jordan could be set for a surprise return.

Chad Gable appeared on WWE’s The Bump earlier today where he confirmed that his former American Alpha teammate is still pushing for an in-ring return as part of the company.

“Speaking from a personal standpoint, like, he became one of my best friends throughout the process and still is. It’s unfortunate what happened to him with his injury, but you never say never. He’s working on it, he’s trying to get back. And who knows, a reunion is always something I would never be against.”