Jeff Hardy Interested in Training His Daughters as The Hardy Girlz

During a recent interview with BTS Sports, current WWE Intercontinental Champion Jeff Hardy talked a bit about what he would do after retirement.

While Hardy said he would probably be “secretly involved” in wrestling for the rest of his life, he has no interest in becoming a trainer, except if he was to train his daughters.

“If my daughters want to wrestle, if they want to be The Hardy Girls, I’m going to be the trainer,” said Hardy.

He also talked about the fact that there are women tag team titles now, a development he thinks is “cool.”

Hardy recently signed a new contract with WWE for two years and his daughters are just 9 and 4, so he probably won’t be training them to be Women’s Tag champs anytime soon.

He did add that, since he didn’t want to train people he would rather work “creatively” behind-the-scenes as a “writer, or just an idea pitch guy, or whatever.”

He also talked about how he would give some serious thought to continuing a music career after wrestling.