Jeff Hardy Is Excited To See What AEW Can Do

Image via Twitter

Jeff Hardy is back to tagging with his brother Matt Hardy and both of them are set to join the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal. It wasn’t long ago though that the both were making waves in other wrestling productions.

During a recent interview with Gorilla Position, Hardy was asked what he thought of the newest wrestling company on the block, AEW.  According to Hardy, he’s excited to see what AEW is going to do.

“I’m so excited. We love The Young Bucks, man, and to see that (Chris) Jericho is there, it’s so exciting to see what that becomes. So I can’t wait to watch that first show and get a feel for what it looks like, how it’s going to be, the longevity it might consist of,” said Hardy.

As to whether, when his contract with the WWE is over he might consider AEW, he simply said “we’ll see”.

Check out Hardy’s entire interview here: