Jeff Hardy Reveals Reason For Not Performing The Swanton Bomb At Live Events


It was earlier reported that WWE Universal Champion Jeff Hardy has been working hurt, dealing with a string of injuries and has made some changes to his work style at the non-televised events.

During an interview with CantonRep, Hardy officially confirmed that his lower back has been causing pain which stands as the main reason why he has not been performing the (in)famous Swanton Bomb at live events.

“The toll has been rough at times. Lately, my lower back has really been bothering me to the point where I haven’t been doing the swanton as much in the live events just to protect it. I think looking forward I’m gonna have to be more like that, because nothing lasts forever,” Hardy said.

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Hardy is set to defend the WWE United States Championship against Shinsuke Nakamura at  Extreme Rules on Sunday. Hardy also called himself really lucky for being able to work his daredevil style for so many years without a career-ending injury.

Hardy continued, “I’ve been real lucky, and naturally on TV I always want to go all out, but in the live events, I might have to hold back a little. I’m glad my face paint has come back. That’s always fun for people to see, because it’s original and unique each and every night, and I love doing that. Growing up I was a huge fan of Ultimate Warrior and Sting, and I wanted to be a little bit of both of them.”

Recent talks going in WWE reveal Hardy dropping the title to Nakamura at Extreme Rules. Aside from his back issues, Hardy has also been dealing with numbness in his fingers, similar to what  Jason Jordan was dealing with in January before WWE decided that he needed to get neck surgery.