Jeff Hardy Reveals The Toll That Taking Bumps Has Taken On His Body

Jeff Hardy
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Jeff Hardy is a former World Champion and he has definitely had his own fair share of ups and downs throughout his career. Most recently Hardy was part of a brutal Hell in a Cell match with Randy Orton, where he was stretched out of the arena but back on live events the next day.

Even though Hardy has been able to overcome a number of injuries throughout the course of his career, the Charismatic Enigma recently shared a story on Lilian Garcia’s Chasing Glory podcast where he revealed that the decades of bumps have taken their toll on his body.

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“I did that a few months ago. I was eating breakfast and was sitting on a hard stool in the airport; we had a group flight or something. I was just sitting there for a while and I got up and my back started bothering me, and when I got into the flight my back really started hurting me. I was on my tip-toes trying to walk getting off of the flight.

“I was freaking out there for a while because the pain came out of nowhere. I didn’t do an exact thing for the pain to come, but it is just one of those things as you get older stuff like that happens,” he said via Wrestlinginc.

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Hardy is now 41 years old and the fact that he has been wrestling full-time for more than two decades means that it was always going to catch up with him. His brother Matt Hardy was recently sidelined with a recurring back injury and reports suggest that his career could be over.

Jeff Hardy’s bump at Hell in a Cell wrote him off WWE TV, so it’s is unknown when he will make his return.