Jeff Hardy Scheduled For Surgery Following Recent Injury

Image via WWE

Matt and Jeff Hardy are the current SmackDown Tag Team Champions, but the duo hasn’t been seen defending their Championships recently because Jeff suffered an injury which has been kept under wraps.

According to several reports, Hardy has been struggling with a PCL injury ever since 2015 after he was in a dirt bike accident, but it is unknown if this is connected to the issues that he is currently suffering.

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The SmackDown Tag Team Championships seem to have quite the curse attached to them at present since Erick Rowan went down with an injury a few months after winning them last year and was then forced to drop them to The New Day when it was revealed that he required surgery and a lengthy stint on the sidelines.

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While the details of Hardy’s injury are being kept as secret as possible, it has been revealed that he will need surgery and according to The Wrestling Observer, this leaves the status of the SmackDown Tag Team Championships up in the air since he won’t be appearing on SmackDown Live next week.

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“We haven’t gotten any official word of the nature or severity of the injury, past that within WWE the belief among the people who need to know for storyline reasons is that he is scheduled for surgery this coming week after Smackdown, which is probably why the injury itself is being kept secret,” he said via Ringsidenews.

Hopefully, Hardy will recover in time to defend his SmackDown Tag Team Championships at Money in the Bank next month, otherwise WWE could be forced to move the Championships over to one of the other teams on the SmackDown roster, which now includes The B Team who were recently moved over to the brand in an off-TV switch.