Jeff Hardy Wants a Match Between Willow and The Fiend

Jeff Hardy was recently interviewed by BT Sports where he spoke about a creative direction he’s taken in other wrestling companies that he wants to bring to the WWE.

According to Hardy, he would love to bring back his Willow persona – a character he made famous during his run in TNA to the WWE and he has a specific opponent in mind for the “Willow”.

“Another dream of mine that I would like to do before I’m done is to bring Willow into the WWE Universe,” says Hardy in a video clip released by BTS Sport on Twitter.

“I have a strange feeling something crazy cool could happen between Willow and The Fiend,” Hardy added.

Hardy here is referring to the demonic alter ego of WWE’s Bray Wyatt, another wrestler known for having different personas.

It’s interesting to note that, while Jeff and Wyatt don’t really have much history, during Jeff’s brother Matt’s last run in the WWE, he feuded and eventually teamed with Wyatt while Jeff was off-camera with an injury.

The two actually held the Raw Tag Team Championship together before Matt himself was sidelined with an injury.

Jeff is currently the Intercontinental Champion and feuding with both AJ Styles and Sammy Zain. It is expected that he will face either of these men – or maybe both, during Clash of Champions but it hasn’t been announced yet.