Jeff Hardy Wants To Be Retired By Brock Lesnar, Thanks WWE For Giving Him “One Last Chance”

After an 11-month absence from WWE programming, Jeff Hardy returned to WWE and defeated King Corbin on the March 13th episode of SmackDown. The Charismatic Enigma is yet to appear on TV since that victory but meanwhile, WWE has been hyping his return through well-crafted vignettes.

In 2019, Hardy entered an in-patient rehab facility after getting arrested and charged with driving while impaired in Moore County, North Carolina.

On After The Bell, Hardy said that he doesn’t want to make any predictions about his battle with addiction and alcoholism; he only plans to do everything in his capacity to become the best Superstar at the twilight of his long, illustrious career.

“I’m not gonna predict anything. I’m just gonna know that I’ve done everything I possibly can to make this situation better for me now, and I thank WWE so much for giving me this last chance and believing in me. So yeah, I just want to stay true to that and be the best performer I possibly can be and get a few more years out of this body.”

The 3-time World Champion didn’t shy away from discussing his retirement from pro wrestling. It was at this moment Hardy revealed that he would love to have a program with Brock Lesnar for things to come full circle – The Charismatic Enigma wants The Beast to retire him from the sport.

“That’s one more thing, I would love to get my a** kicked by him [Brock Lesnar] again because he’s just intimidating and insanely gifted. To be as successful as he was in the MMA world, he’s amazing. That would be interesting, man. Maybe that could be my last match. I was his first match, he could be my last match.”

42-year-old Hardy also noted that he is aiming to win the WWE Championship or Universal Championship before hanging up his boots once and for all.