Jeff Hardy Wrestles Every Match Like It’s His Last

WWE Grand Slam Champion Jeff Hardy is perhaps the only Superstar in the company’s history (besides Matt Hardy) to perform extremely risky maneuvers for over 2 decades (on and off).

In order to express his unique style of professional wrestling and remain as a fan favorite for years to come, Jeff has suffered numerous injuries in his long “extreme” career but that hasn’t prevented him from taking pro wrestling to the next level.

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While discussing various topics on professional wrestling with GuideLive, the younger Hardy brother talked about his potential retirement from the sport. Jeff’s response to hanging up his boots was interesting enough for fans to rejoice.

“That’s one thing I don’t know. Because I truly do – especially like the Hell in a Cell match, and even now I have two beautiful daughters, a beautiful wife – but I truly do wrestle every match like it’s my last because even a live event like this Sunday in Arlington could be my last match.”

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“The craziest thing could happen within the blink of an eye and it could all be over. So, when I say things like ‘this is far from a retirement speech,’ I really don’t know that because it could end at any moment. So, I just try to enjoy every match like it’s my last, and do what I love to do and that’s entertain the WWE Universe.”

In their long-tenured in-ring careers, Jeff and Matt (The Hardy Boyz) have time and again redefined the high-flying wrestling style in TLC Match, Ladder Match, Steel Cage Match, No DQ Match, making these special kinds of matchups hugely popular in the process.

While Matt is currently serving as a backstage producer in WWE, Brother Nero is still widely active on SmackDown Live and was also one of the 8 contestants in the inaugural WWE World Cup at Crown Jewel.