Jeff Jarrett Has A Lot Of Fans Backstage In WWE

We were among the people who felt that Jeff Jarrett deserved a spot in the Hall Of Fame, but never felt that it would actually happen. Well, it turns out that The Chosen One actually has a lot of fans backstage routing for him so it really is not all that surprising, Vince McMahon broke down and gave the go ahead.

It appears that Triple H was the main driving force really pushing for Jeff Jarrett to be brought back in and be part of the Hall Of Fame. What is quite interesting to think about though is the hiring also of Jeremy Borash. Could the WWE have plans for Jarrett and Borash to work in NXT and help with the developmental system? Also, let’s not forget for a few years now, NXT standing on its own as a brand has been talked about, Jarrett could certainly lend a helping hand in this regard.

While Triple H has been mending a lot of burnt bridges since he has moved up in the company. People like AJ Styles, Bobby Roode, Matt Hardy and even Triple H’s buddies, Kevin Nash and Scott Hall are all close with Jeff Jarrett and would no doubt have been pulling for this to happen once the rumor was started.

Not only is Jeff Jarrett being in the WWE Hall Of Fame pretty cool, it is very interesting to think about what potential role he could have in the company if he sticks around.