Could Jeff Jarrett Get Into The WWE Hall Of Fame?

Despite all the falling outs with various wrestlers over the years, Vince McMahon and the WWE are a forgiving bunch. The fact that they (well Triple H especially) has managed to bury the hatchet with people such as The Ultimate Warrior, Bruno Sammartino and if we go a bit further back, Bret Hart, does show they are willing to let things go.

One man though, who seems to be on the set in stone blacklist is Jeff Jarret. After the WWE bought WCW, his name was specifically mentioned as being one of the wrestlers who would be gone. Jeff Jarrett had a strange relationship with the WWE where they brought him back numerous times, only for him to walk out time and time again. The last time, him demanding money that he felt was owed to him before he wrestled Chyna in the good housekeeping match at No Mercy in 1999 before he jumped ship to WCW.

Of course with TNA, Global Force Wrestling and even before that, his time as part of the World Wrestling All Starts has kept him busy, but his name is one that seemed to be forever on the outside…. Until now.

Dave Meltzer reported that there was a list of potential Hall Of Fame names and while this is not a list that is set in stone, Jeff Jarrett’s name was on there. He has certainly had a long career and even if you took his WWE accomplishments alone, he has had more success that more than a few of the other people who are currently in the Hall Of Fame.