Jericho vs Rhodes Almost Cut Short Due To Injury at Full Gear, Britt Baker Wrestled Despite Flu, Renee Young Reacts To Moxley vs Omega

Image via Twitter

Jericho vs Rhodes Almost Cut Short Due To Injury

The match between current AEW Champion Chris Jericho and Cody Rhodes during AEW Full Gear was almost cut short because of injury.

According to a report by Wrestling Inc., Cody took a dive out of the ring and landed hard on a metal ramp. This resulted in a nasty cut opening above his eye. The injury reportedly could have ended the match then and there, but AEW’s Dr. Michael Sampson checked on Rhodes and determined that the match could continue.

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The match ended when, as Jericho had Rhodes in the Liontamer, MJF decided to throw in the towel and call the bell. MJF turned heel when he then delivered a low blow to Rhodes.

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As per the latest reports, Cody has eight stitches and a costochondral separation, and he is currently not cleared for in-ring action.

Wrestling Inc is also reporting that Adam “Hangman” Page might have ended up with a stinger during his match with PAC, but it’s believed that Page will be cleared for the next episode of Dynamite. No other injuries were reported.

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Britt Baker Wrestled With a Flu at Full Gear

During The Buy-In show before the Full Gear pay-per-view, Britt Baker wrestled Bea Priestley. Baker was victorious against Priestley but it turns out that she was possibly not wrestling at 100 percent as she had still been recovering from the flu.

Baker confirmed the flu reports herself by Tweeting about it after the match. According to Baker, now that she had beaten “the b—-“, she was free to beat the flu.

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Renee Young Not Happy With Moxley vs. Omega Match

Jon Moxley was victorious against Kenny Omega during their Unsanctioned Lights Out Match during the AEW Full Gear pay-per-view.

The match saw both Moxley and Omega brutalize their opponents with a variety of weapons and, at least one very important person in Moxley’s life isn’t so happy with what he put himself through.

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WWE’s Renee Young, who is married to Moxley in real life, took to Twitter to voice her reactions to the brutal match her husband went through. Young stated that she “hated” seeing the match and decided that, to get over it, she would try and watch some Christmas movies.