Jerry Lawler Claims Rusev-Lashley-Lana Angle On Post-Christmas RAW To Be “The Biggest Deal Ever”

Image via WWE

Jerry Lawler presided over the divorce segment between Rusev and Lana on the December 16th episode of Monday Night RAW. The King’s Court concluded with Rusev driving Bobby Lashley through a table right in the middle of the ring.

On The Jerry Lawler Show, The King hinted at the potential finale that awaits the WWE Universe next week. The majority of fans have gotten sick of the ongoing storyline and want WWE to finish it as soon as possible.

“I can’t do a spoiler but something happens with Lana, Lashley and Rusev on that show. There’s gonna be a big deal, and it’s going to make the show after Christmas the biggest deal ever. You just gotta watch what happens on the Christmas show. It’s going to set up the show after Christmas. It is going to be really awesome.”

This week’s pre-Christmas episode of RAW was filmed last Monday where it was announced that Lashley and Lana will tie the knot on the December 30th show. During the taping, Rusev had disclosed his happiness for the new couple.

The Rusev-Lashley-Lana storyline began in September with The Ravishing Russian turning on her husband. After several steamy segments and heated brawls, The Bulgarian Brute suffered a humiliating defeat at the hands of The All Mighty in their first televised showdown at WWE TLC.

While fans are expecting a major swerve for next week’s potential finale, too much of over-the-top climax runs the risk of ruining the already distasteful storyline.

The latest rumors suggest that Rusev and Lashley will cross paths in the 30-Man Royal Rumble match next month if WWE indeed concludes the storyline on the final RAW of the decade.

What goes down next week is anyone’s guess but it’s safe to assume that Rusev will definitely make one last attempt to crash the ceremony or win back Lana’s heart.