Jerry Lawler Disputes The Official Story Of His Son’s Death Being A Suicide

In an interview given to WMC Action News 5, Jerry Lawler and his lawyer Ted Hansom, laid out their reasons for doubting the official story of Christopher’s alleged suicide.

Much of their doubt comes from eyewitness accounts and even photographic evidence.

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Christopher had been detained at the Hardeman County Jail after a DUI arrest. According to Sheriff John Doolen, because of Christopher’s notoriety as a former WWE star, he had been placed in a cell by himself.

According to Lawler, however, Brian had only been moved to a segregated cell after a fight broke up. Lawler had spoken to Christopher at around 11 o’clock on the day he died.

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Then, at around 2 pm, Christopher’s fiancée got a call from the jail informing her that Christopher had been in a fight. Four or five hours later, another call came from the jail saying Christopher had hung himself.

Another reason for doubt is drawn from a series of photos taken of Christopher while he was in the hospital. The marks left on his neck do not seem indicative of someone hanging himself.

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“Just look at his neck and look at his hand,” Lawler said. “You can see the lines on his neck all the way around here to here and what would be the length of your hand as if he was trying to keep the pressure off.”

Currently, the investigation into Christopher’s death is not complete so the case files are not available, but Lawler and his lawyer are adamant that things do not seem to add up and are going to pursue their search for the truth.