Jey Uso Praises Paul Heyman, Reveals He Wants to Be Managed By Him One Day

Jey Uso and Roman Reigns are the main highlights of Friday Night SmackDown these days.

One-half of the former tag team champions found himself facing his cousin, Roman Reigns, for the Universal Championship.

It was supposed to be a friendly match between the two, given their blood relationship, though it turned out to be rather brutal as Reigns dismantled his cousin at WWE Clash of Champions 2020.

His pairing with Paul Heyman has added new life to The Big Dog’s heel schtick and talking to Gorilla Position Podcast, the former SmackDown Tag Team Champion revealed he’d like to be managed by Reigns’ “special counsel” one day.

“When Paul Heyman is in the mix, you know it’s going to be lit. When I wasn’t even a part of this and I saw Roman come back and Heyman was sitting with him, as a fan I was like yea. That man is a creative genius too. That’s why he is still in the game for so long. I would love for him to manage us one day too.”