Jim Cornette Criticizes Tony Khan for Not Signing CM Punk

On the recent episode of The Jim Cornette Experience, Jim Cornette talked about AEW and CM Punk.

Cornette criticized Tony Khan for not signing Punk. He argued that Khan can sign independent wrestlers but couldn’t convince one of the biggest wrestlers in the world, who is open to a wrestling return, to work for AEW.

“The son of a billionaire with a national cable television show just got in the wrestling business. He made a bunch of indie guys that never had it and never will as happy as school girls with shiny new vibrators. But he can’t get CM Punk!? He can’t make CM Punk happy!? Nobody can think of an idea that CM Punk would be interested in, that would intrigue him enough to get involved in this!?”

In the past, AEW made efforts to sign Punk. However, the Best in the World didn’t accept their offer. Some time ago, Punk also said that he didn’t like how AEW approached him for a deal.