Jim Ross Compares Commentary Experience in WWE and AEW

Jim Ross will go down as one of the best wrestling commentators of all time. Ross worked for WWE for several years before parting ways with them in 2019.

He currently works for All Elite Wrestling as a commentator along with Tony Schiavone, and Excalibur. Together, the trio provides the best wrestling experience to the fans. 

On the latest episode of Grilling JR Podcast, Ross compared his commentary experience in WWE and AEW. Ross revealed why he had a different perspective than others when Vince would involve himself in wrestling segments rather than working behind the scenes during shows. 

“… when Vince was wrestling, that means he was not sitting at the gorilla position producing the announcers,” Ross said. “Lawler and I would look at each other and not say a word, but we both had that twinkle in our eyes. Of course, Lawler didn’t get lambasted. I’d get lambasted for Lawler. Vince never jumped on Jerry’s s–t, so I got it. Stuff like, ‘God da**it, JR, what’s wrong with Lawler? Fire his a** up,’ so somehow or another, Lawler’s lack of productivity tonight is my fault?

Ross also said that Tony Khan lets him do his thing on commentary. He doesn’t get lambasted by Khan and has the freedom to get into the flow state. 

“When Vince was a performer, it was a glorious time because it allowed Lawler and I to create our own content. Much like we do on Wednesday nights on TNT, we create our content. Tony Khan is not in our ear. Occasionally, he’ll say something. Things are fluid, things change sometimes. Nonetheless, that was almost like a night off. It was fun – you look forward to it because you can get in your groove, get your flow going. And hopefully the flow is good enough so the viewers like it.”