Jim Ross on Chyna: “She Felt Very Strongly That She Should Be Paid as Much as Stone Cold”

Former WWE Champion and Hall of Famer Chyna has had her fair share of issues working as a wrestler. She was already a controversial figure during the Attitude Era, taking down several of the top male wrestlers at that time.

No doubt she was the biggest female draw at one point in her career.

On Grilling JR podcast, Jim Ross revealed that Chyna also believed that due to her prominent work in WWE, she deserves to be paid as much as Stone Cold Steve Austin.

“She (Chyna) was a loose cannon and unstable at times. I spent a lot of time with her, especially the last year she was there (WWF), trying to negotiate a contract. She felt very strongly that she should be paid as much as Stone Cold. She had a heightened evaluation of her own work.”

Ross also revealed that Chyna had professional jealously for her female counterparts in WWE. She didn’t feel quite the same about Trish Stratus as most people do and felt WWE fired her because of her looks.