Jim Ross Reveals His Thoughts on Tony Khan’s Creative Direction

Jim Ross has been around the business for decades and as a WWE Hall of Famer, he definitely knows a thing or two about the creative process.

Ross currently works as a commentator for All Elite Wrestling, where he has had to adjust to a new business model and working under the creative direction of Tony Khan.

Khan is a huge wrestling fan, but he doesn’t have the experience of the McMahon family, which is why AEW is such a different show.

Jim Ross has worked for both companies now and as part of this week’s episode of AEW, Ross revealed his thoughts on the direction of the company under Khan.

“The shows have been solid. Hats off to Tony Khan, who is the forerunner of our creative as he continues to experience writing television. He will continue to improve and get better and better because he gets it.”

It ain’t easy to write a 2-hour prime time live show. It ain’t easy. So he’s done a good job there, I’m not kissing his a** because he pays me. He’s done a really good job leading our company and it seems until we start touring again Jacksonville will be our home base”