Jim Ross Reveals How Triple H Convinced Vince McMahon to Hire Chyna

Chyna is now a WWE Hall of Famer as a member of D-Generation X following her stint in WWE as part of The Attitude Era.

Chyna was once in a relationship with current WWE CEO Triple H, who was instrumental in both beginning and ending her wrestling career.

Chyna was released from WWE back in 2001 after four years in WWE where she was a member of D-Generation X, the first-ever female Intercontinental Champion, and came close to winning her first WWE Championship.

The former Women’s Champion made her debut in WWE as the bodyguard of Shawn Michaels and Triple H, the latter of whom she was dating at the time.

Speaking on his Grilling JR podcast, AEW Commentator Jim Ross recently revealed how Triple H managed to convince WWE Chairman Vince McMahon to hire Chyna despite not being a “top guy” at the time.

“She was socially involved with Triple H. She was trying to get in the wrestling business, very unique look, and I think Triple H gave Vince the idea to use her, and of course Vince, being a smart booker, was trying to acquiesce those top talents. Hunter was not yet a ‘top guy’ but he was heading that way. It was inevitable.”