Jim Ross Says He Isn’t Surprised By NXT’s Move To USA Network

Ross worked as the lead commentator in WWE for over close to two decades

Image via Twitter

WWE Hall of Famer and legendary commentator Jim Ross became the latest to indulge in the WWE vs AEW war, and spoke at length about NXT’s move to USA Network which was officially confirmed this week.

On his Grilling JR podcast, JR spoke about how he isn’t surprised by WWE’s decision to get ahead of the game and broadcast NXT on Wednesday nights. He said that his experience with WWE Chairman Vince McMahon says that McMahon will never be able to let any competition rise so easily.

“I’m not surprised. Knowing Vince as well as I do and working with him so closely as I did for over a quarter of a century, he ain’t gonna lay back and let AEW grow independently and freely. That was never going to happen. He feels threatened for some crazy reason and I think that’s interesting to me.”

Jim Ross worked as the lead commentator in WWE for over close to two decades, before he unceremoniously left WWE in 2013. Ross worked in different promotions before coming back to WWE in 2017, when he signed a deal to call important matches in WWE.

JR once again left WWE earlier this year, and associated himself with All Elite Wrestling, where he will be working as the lead commentator. He is also a senior advisor for AEW, and thus it wasn’t a surprise to see him back AEW. He said that AEW is simply focusing on itself right now and is not looking to start any kind of ‘war’ against WWE.

“We’ll be very happy to compete, it was going to be a competition all along, we knew it wasn’t going to be an easy road, but at no time in my interview process or short experience since March with Tony Khan and AEW, have i heard one person say, “We’re going to get WWE on this one. Oh, WWE’s not going to like this” It’s never been brought up. It’s brought up online. It’s brought up in the wrestling media.”

The competition between the two companies is definitely on, and both sets of employees are trying their best to hype up their own show. In this war, wrestling and wrestling fans will be the real winner!