Jim Ross Wants AEW to Sign Maria Kanellis

Jim Ross is currently the lead commentator for AEW Dynamite, but always has an eye for exciting talents who will make a good addition to the roster.

One such name is former WWE star Maria Kanellis, and Ross had great praise for her on the Grillin JR podcast.

Ross mentioned one of the RAW episodes where Maria Kanellis participated in a ‘Lingerie Pillow Fight’ and had a segment with Vince McMahon backstage.

Ross highlighted her persona and said she will make a great addition to AEW.

“I tell you what, how great a television character is Maria? I think she’s one of the best. I would love for her to be someday in AEW. Just so many good things she can do, great look, good mom, solid, seems to be very happily married to Mike Bennett, which is always great.”

“She has a fabulous look, maybe the best facials of any female around today,” Jim Ross said. “For a woman that’s recently had two children, she looks pretty damn good, to be polite, if I say so myself.”

Good Ol’ JR didn’t shy away from praising the mother of two kids for her good looks.

Maria and Mike Kanellis were terminated from their contracts last year, during the COVID-19 pandemic cuts. They recently returned to Ring of Honor, but could always make an appearance in AEW.