Jim Ross Wants Seth Rollins As WWE’s Top Babyface

Image via WWE.com

Reigning WWE Intercontinental Champion Seth Rollins is gradually proving to be WWE’s next top babyface in Roman Reigns‘ absence on Monday Night RAW.

The Architect burns it down every Monday night with the crowd in his corner. With Universal Champion Brock Lesnar walking around as a part-timer, it seems Rollins has made it his very duty to be the box-office attraction week in and week out. Matter of fact, Rollins is the only guy who comes close to being the top full-time male star in WWE right now.

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WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross took to his  podcast, “The Ross Report,” to note how Seth deserves an opportunity to become the top babyface of the company given the hotchpotch WWE is going through at the moment in terms of storyline.

“Seth Rollins is a GREAT wrestler and when the company makes a firm commitment to get behind him at every turn of the road so that they got their next Cena on site, then we’ll see Seth continue to go up the ladder and finally reside in that promise land of legitimate WrestleMania level year-in year-out main eventers.

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“That’s a whole team effort as I said earlier. I don’t feel the commitment that Rollins is our next guy. Are they just waiting for Roman Reigns to come back after he’s kicked leukemia’s ass? Are they just waiting for Braun Strowman to get back into the picture? I think the thing to do is give the guy the chance to be the guy.

Braun Strowman is officially sidelined with an injury and is expected to face Lesnar for the Universal Title at Royal Rumble. However, WWE doesn’t seem to be finished grooming The Monster for an epic title feud with The Beast and while plans for both men clashing at WrestleMania 35 seems unlikely, Strowman is yet to capture a singles title in his singles career in WWE.