Jimmy Uso Arrested, Pulled Over With Naomi, Allegedly Involved In Altercation With Cops

Image via WWE

Jimmy Uso was arrested after a drunken dispute with cops in Detroit this week.

According to reports from TMZ, Jimmy Uso and his wife Naomi were pulled over at downtown Detroit after Naomi was driving the wrong direction on a one-way street.

The cops said the car “reeked of booze,” so they ordered Naomi to step out of the car, and that’s allegedly when things went bad.

“According to our police sources, cops say their 2018 Dodge Journey reeked of booze … so they ordered Naomi out of the car.”

“We’re told while Naomi talked to cops, Jimmy got out of the car — despite commands from police — and took off his shirt and jacket and squared up like he wanted to fight. We’re told the officer took out his taser cause he was scared for his safety.”

“Jimmy ultimately settled down and complied with their commands … was handcuffed, and arrested for disorderly conduct and obstruction. He was taken to jail … and later posted bond.” – TMZ

Uso was taken to jail and later released on bond.

Below is his mugshot photo released by TMZ:

Jimmy’s twin brother and tag team partner Jey Uso was arrested over a year ago for driving under the influence of alcohol following a SmackDown taping in Texas.

WWE has not yet released an official statement regarding this and there is no word on what action will they take on Jimmy, if any.

The Usos are currently scheduled to face SmackDown Tag Team Champions Shane McMahon and The Miz at WWE Elimination Chamber pay-per-view this Sunday.