Joey Janela Thinks NXT Is Stale, Says He Will Poke Fun At WWE On Live TV

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AEW superstar Joey Janela is quite a personality on-screen as well as off-screen. Janela will be in action later tonight when AEW Dynamite makes its much-anticipated debut on live television.

Janela spoke to Wrestling Inc on their WINCLY podcast and talked about the upcoming Wednesday Night Wars between Dynamite and NXT. Janela felt that NXT was decent during its premiere episode, but overall it felt stale. He revealed that he hadn’t watched NXT in over two years before its premiere on USA Network two weeks ago.

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Janela, similar to almost every individual involved in the WWE-AEW battle, said that he doesn’t see a war arising between the two shows.

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“I think it’s gonna be competitive. I don’t think it’s a war per se yet. I watched the [NXT] premiere a few weeks ago and it was okay. I don’t watch NXT and haven’t watched it in two years. There were other reasons I wanted to watch it as well [Coughs] Lio Rush who I wanted to see f— up or not. But he did great. Besides that it was kinda stale.

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Even though Janela doesn’t feel there is a war at this moment, he is ready to be the one who pokes fun at the rival company during live programming. WWE and WCW had several superstars who took up the mantle of poking fun at the rival company during the Monday Night Wars in the 90s. Janela said that he would like to be that person who makes fun of WWE.

“I don’t know. I was a big, big WWE fan in the Attitude Era and I would like to be that prick. There’s a chance I could be that prick, so you’ll have to watch and see.”

Both sides are getting ready for a major battle on Wednesday nights, and Janela will surely play a major part in AEW’s singles division.