John Cena Confirms Status For WrestleMania 35

John Cena has no intention of missing out on WrestleMania 35.

During an appearance during SirusXM’s The Today Show Radio, Cena took the time to answer some kids questions about his career and his plans for the future.

One young fan asked if they would be seeing Cena during the next year’s WresleMania 35.

“I wouldn’t miss it for the world,” Cena told the fan. “I promise you I’ll be there, I promise. Okay?”

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Cena and the fan then proceeded to shake on it to make it official.

Given as Cena is currently something of a part timer, being so busy with his work outside the WWE, including in television and movies, it’s no wonder the young fan was a little anxious.

Cena is no longer a regular part of either Raw or SmackDown, mostly choosing to make special appearances on either brands or during pay-per-views. His last appearances in a WWE ring were during the Greatest Royal Rumble and WWE Super Show-Down.

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Cena is set to participate in the first WWE World Cup Tournament to be held during the WWE Crown Jewel.

During the interview with The Today Show Radio, Cena was also asked who his toughest match had been against.  According to Cena, it is Brock Lesnar.

“Now I’ve had some moments where I have not done okay against him. And the greatest thing about having a match with Brock Lesnar is you’re always nervous and you’re always afraid because he’s stronger than everybody, but you’re still brave enough to go in there and do it, and win or lose, you try your best,” he told the fans.

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Check out the rest of the interview on this video: