John Cena Could Be Replacing Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson In The Fast And The Furious Franchise


16-time World Champion John Cena recently joined Hollywood’s Son-of-a-Gun Vin Diesel in a video that went viral in just a few hours.

While nothing is confirmed yet, fans have been endlessly speculating that Cena is on his way to “The Fast And The Furious” franchise.

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On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer discussed the recent developments between The Champ and the long-running mega-franchise. However, it appears that Cena is actually taking Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson‘s spot, the very man who has been part of the last five Fast & Furious films.

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“Those guys don’t like [The Rock] because they were supposed to do a movie this year I think it was because of the Hobbs & Shaw. They were supposed to do a movie this year and because Dwayne went and did Hobbs & Shaw instead it kicked them all back a year so none of them were happy.”

Johnson’s addition to the cast gave new life to the franchise and helped in drawing bigger box office numbers. However, his decision to do the latest Hobbs & Shaw spin-off with Jason Statham really seems to have upset the “Fast Family”.

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“So they were not happy about that so it was like, to them those two guys weren’t team players they did that thing on their own and took all of those guys out of their movie this year so maybe you know getting John [Cena] is like… we’ll see if Dwayne’s in there or not or if John’s replacing Dwayne or they’re just gonna be in the same movie.”

It remains to be seen whether the franchise shows Johnson the door or if he is cast alongside Cena in the upcoming Fast & Furious film(s).