John Cena Explains Why He Hasn’t Been In A Wrestling Ring Over The Past Few Months

John Cena
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John Cena is one of the best known wrestlers in the world, but he opted to walk away from a full-time deal with WWE so that he could pursue a career in Hollywood and return to the ring as and when the company needed him. 

Cena is scheduled to make his return as part of some upcoming live events over the festive period, but many fans have questioned why the former 16-time World Champion hasn’t been seen in the ring since Super Show-Down and the man himself answered the question as part of a recent interview with ESPN

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“Anything that you rely on your body for an end result, time is gonna catch up with you. So there is gonna come a point where I can no longer keep up with the pace. I made a promise to myself years ago, years before I ever found my passion for being on screen, when I cant’t keep up with the pace, I gotta walk away,” he said via Ringsidenews. 

“I don’t wanna take a ticket buyers money and have them sit down and be like, ‘Eh, he’s just hanging on’. I don’t ever want that feeling. So, I don’t think that correlates with what I’m doing now.”

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“The biggest difficulty is trying to juggle stuff because I have learned, and I’m trying to fight this system but I’m losing, once you’re in production for a movie, they don’t allow you to wrestle. Because I can’t go to a WWE taping and have my nose put over here.”

The fact that Cena is only returning to be part of Live Events could be a hint that there are more projects outside of the ring to come for Cena following his recent work on Bumblebee