John Cena: “I’m Actually The Heel”

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16-time World Champion John Cena is on his way back to WWE and will be making his in-ring return at the Madison Square Garden on December 26.

The hero of WWE Universe, Cena is perhaps the biggest Superstar WWE has ever created and although he is regarded as one of the most polarizing professional wrestlers ever, the man considers himself to be a villain rather than a babyface.

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During an appearance on Late Night With Seth Meyers, the Leader of Cenation discussed his classic wrestling persona and the reason he refused to turn to the dark side of the WWE Universe. Quite interestingly, the 13-time WWE Champion feels he is actually a heel but fans somehow feel otherwise.

“It’s weird with me because I am supposed to be the hero, but I’m actually the heel, and everyone’s just like, ‘Man, why don’t you just turn bad so you can be cool again!’, Wait, wouldn’t that make me good? I don’t even know. And it’s fun to like go into the WWE warp zone with those folks. They think I’m supposed to be a bad guy to be a good guy, but aren’t I already being a bad guy? Just wait until the debut of The CFO.”

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During the show, Cena also talked about his upcoming movie “Bumblebee” and shed some light on his villainous role in the movie.

“I love, because if this film, which takes place in 1987, were to be filmed in 1987 – I would be the hero and she would be like the love interest,” the 41-year-old actor expressed.

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“But damn it, we’re in a culture nowadays where she can actually be the hero and kick some ass and I can be the bad guy,” 

Cena returns to in-ring action the day after Christmas and will be wrestling at several house shows – a busy schedule that extends to the first half of Janaury.

However, two dates on his return schedule seemingly mark his return to WWE TV, meaning The Champ could finally be appearing on Monday Night RAW after a very long time.