John Cena Lays Out His Road To WrestleMania

It is no secret that John Cena did not win the Elimination Chamber, one of the interesting sub stories going into the Elimination Chamber was John Cena saying that he felt he did not have a place on the card if he did not win.

Well on RAW, John Cena gave a very interesting promo about his plans for this year’s WrestleMania. To start with he called out The Undertaker, something many people felt could be on the cards this year. However, he said that he could not face Undertaker.

Instead, he said that as he is a free agent, he is jumping over to Smackdown and is going to earn his way onto the WrestleMania card over there! This is very interesting and certainly throws things open. What exactly is he going to do? Undertaker has always been a Smackdown guy so is Undertaker vs Cena still going to happen?

Maybe he is going to try and interject himself into the AJ Styles vs Shinsuke Nakamura match? Heck, he could perhaps challenge Nakamura to put his title shot on the line at Fastlane? There are a few different things that he could do and to be honest it is pretty interesting.