John Cena On Netflix, Mr. Socko At The Soccer Pitch, Heyman Vs. International Cricket Council

Image via WWE

John Cena Set To Star In Netflix Film

John Cena will be teaming up with Jason Bateman for his newest project, an action-comedy for Netflix.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the yet untitled film will be directed by Bateman. The general plot will follow “a family that gets stuck in an old abandoned movie studio,” all as “the sets come to life and the family members find themselves stuck in various movies.”

Cena’s tweeted his excitement over the news:

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Mr. Socko Comes To The Soccer Pitch

Looks like Sheffield United’s striker Billy Sharp is a Mankind fan.

Upon scoring a goal at the Sheffield vs. Norwich City match last Saturday, Sharp deemed the appropriate display of joy was to channel Mankind. Sharp brought out his own version of Mick Foley’s sock puppet, Mr. Socko. He then applied the Mandible Claw to his teammate.

Check out the action in the clip below:

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Paul Heyman Calls Out Cricket World Cup For Borrowing His Client’s Catchphrase

Always looking out for his client’ interest, Paul Heyman took to Twitter to call out the Cricket World Cup for “borrowing” Brock Lesnar’s “Eat. Sleep. Conquer. Repeat.” catchphrase.

In an attempt to mollify Heyman and his client, the International Cricket Council is said to have offered both men tickets to the Cricket World Cup