John Cena Reacts To Injury That Could Keep Him Out Of Royal Rumble

It was revealed by Michael Cole this week on Monday Night Raw that Drew McIntyre had injured John Cena last week as part of the show when he locked him in an ankle lock as part of the main event fatal four-way.

It was then reported that Cena had actually managed to reaggravate this injury as part of an exercise regime that he took part in yesterday and that could now keep him out of Royal Rumble if he can’t be cleared for competition in time for this weekend’s show in Phoenix.

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Cena wasn’t even in Oklahoma City for last night’s episode of Monday Night Raw, but original plans called for the former World Champion to open up his feud with Lars Sullivan as part of last night’s show, but the former NXT star is still AWOL so plans were forced to change.

It was thought that the feud between the two men would then lead into this weekend’s Royal Rumble and then WrestleMania, but recent issues with Sullivan could have forced WWE to change Cena’s direction.

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Cena isn’t actually injured, this was the company’s way of keeping him off WWE TV, but the star himself felt the need to comment on his current status on Social Media so that he could put his side across.

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It is unknown as to whether or not Cena will be part of Royal Rumble this weekend given the fact that WWE has now found a loophole that would allow him to miss the event. This will only add to the excitement on Sunday night since there are many shocks and surprises expected in Chase Field.