John Cena Reportedly Never Took a Paycheck From Total Bellas


One of the main catalysts for the push of women’s wrestling over the past few years has been the rise of support for the women following Total Divas’ premiere back in 2013. The show is now in its ninth season and includes some of the company’s biggest female stars like Ronda Rousey and Natalya.

The popularity of Total Divas over the years has been enough for WWE to grant The Bella Twins their own spinoff entitled “Total Bellas” and the birth of Birdie Joe was one of the main focuses of the series.

John Cena was one of the main stars of the show since the former World Champion was dating main star Nikki Bella at the time and the series was then able to focus on the couple’s engagement and build-up to the big day.

Despite Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan moving in with Nikki and John Cena for the first season of the show and Cena being a huge part of the success of the spinoff, Nikki Bella recently revealed in an interview with Health Magazine that Cena never actually received a paycheck for appearing as part of the show.

“The one thing I really regret about showcasing the breakup is that no one got to hear [John’s] voice, and it just seemed so one-sided. I felt like that wasn’t fair to him because he was on this journey with us from the beginning. What people don’t realize is that John never took one paycheck from Total Bellas. It was beautiful—he was fully there to support me. I’ll never forget his support and his love. That’s what made me sad—I don’t want to say it became the Nikki show, but in a way it did because you didn’t get to see John anymore,” she said via Ringsidenews.