John Cena Seizes Victory With New Move During WWE Event In Shanghai

john cena new finisher doomiest
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John Cena debuted his 6th Move of Doom during a WWE live event in Shanghai, China this Saturday (Sept 1).

The move, named the Lightning Fist, was used by Cena against Elias to gain the pinfall and secure a victory for Cena and his tag team partner Bobby Lashley.

You can check out the Lightning Fist in the below video Tweet from WWE’s official Twitter account.

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Cena began teasing his new move in a series of Tweets this August. Cena has been in Tianjin, China, training at the Jackie Chan Training Center for his role in Chan’s upcoming movie Project X. While he has been there, he’s also been working on his 6th “doomiest” move.

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Cena’s been known for using what’s been dubbed as his 5 Moves of Doom, 5 sequential moves that he uses to put away his opponents. These moves are as follows: the diving shoulderblock, sitout hip toss, side-release spinout powerbomb, Five Knuckle Shuffle, Attitude Adjustment.

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In a video released earlier and taken at the Jackie Chan Training Center, Cena revealed the reason for his 6th move as coming from the realization that his 5th and final move of doom, the Attitude Adjustment, has begun to lose its impact.

According to Cena, the new move pays homage to the skills he learned at the Jackie Chan Training Center and is influenced by Chinese culture.

“Not only is this a new maneuver that has a true foundation in Chinese culture which I am very proud of because I’d love to pay respect to my experience here,” Cena said.

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“I’m excited to debut something that I’ve learned here so maybe I can take a piece of my Chinese experience back to the ring,” he added.

Check out the following WWE video to know more about how Cena developed the Lightning Fist: