John Cena Sr Explains How Big E Could Become a Top Wrestler

The New Day’s breakup was one of the biggest that upset WWE fans this year. Out of nowhere, Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston were drafted to Monday Night Raw but Big E was retained by SmackDown. There were some rumors that WWE wants to push Big E as a singles wrestler which is why they split the tag team.

A recent guest on Boston MWF’s Wrestling Insiders, John Cena Sr. explained what it would take for E to become a top wrestler in WWE. The father of WWE superstar John Cena believes that the former New Day wrestler desperately needs a mouthpiece.

“I think that [Big] E, now has the potential, not before, now the potential to become a good singles wrestler because he’s been around for six years. He’s worked with some very experienced guys who I respect. I worked with Kofi Kingston on the independent level.”

He also praised Kingston and Woods for their good work in wrestling. Then he talked about Big E again and said that the superstar needs a manager to do his promos.

“I think [Big] E could be serious. I think he could become a contender but only if they allow him to become a contender and write storylines that will allow that to happen. Give him a mouthpiece. When he doesn’t need it anymore, lose it. But at this stage of the game, I think they’ve done the right thing.”