John Cena Sr. Talks About Otis and if He Could Become the Next Dusty Rhodes

Recently, John Cena Sr talked to MWF Wrestling Insiders about Otis and if he could become the next Dusty Rhodes.

At one point, Rhodes was one of the most famous wrestlers all over the world. He had a common man gimmick that worked perfectly. However, WWE didn’t make proper use of him and he was never seen as a top wrestler by Vince McMahon.

Among other things, the father of John Cena said that there was only one Dusty Rhodes and nobody can replace him. He also said that Otis should be himself and not try to emulate any other superstar.

“I’ve watched Otis. I’ve seen Otis. You know, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. But I’ll tell you this, there will only ever be one Dusty Rhodes and I’m telling you, Otis, just be yourself. Don’t try to emulate anybody but you. You think you can do what Dusty did, you think you might be another Dusty Rhodes… wash your mouth, wash your hair, take a shower, be who you are.”

“My answer is, never. I think he’s got a good character. I think he’s… yeah he’s good. Don’t try to be anybody but yourself.”

“All I’m going to say is this, there is a place in my heart for Dusty Rhodes. There will only ever be one Dusty Rhodes. As much as they tried to humiliate that man with the polka dots, he showed everybody who was the real star. He went out and did his s**t and he made it work.”

Dusty Rhodes

“Dusty, god bless you. Cody, god bless you. All the Rhodes family, is a family, the whole bunch of them. Don’t even try to bring him [Otis] to that level because no one can ever get to that level and nobody will ever be at that level.”

Otis had a few moments of his own this year. He won the Men’s Money in the Bank briefcase but lost it to The Miz. He was also able to win Mandy Rose over at WrestleMania 36.