John Cena Teases Retirement Following WrestleMania Loss

John Cena took on The Fiend in one of the craziest WrestleMania matches of all time as Bray Wyatt’s alter-ego took him down memory lane and made light of the characters that Cena once portrayed on WWE TV.

The match was seen as one of the highlights of the show and has been praised by many WWE fans, but following the loss, what does this mean for Cena?

Every WWE star who has faced Bray Wyatt’s Fiend over the past year has changed their persona after coming face to face with the man himself, but it’s unknown as to whether or not Cena will meet the same fate.

No other star has ever stepped inside a FireFly Fun House match and since the former 16-time World Champion lost, does this mean that Cena is now trapped in the Fun House alongside Wyatt, and if he is, will he be the one who is able to figure out a way back out?

The WWE Universe has a lot of questions following the first-ever FireFly Fun House match but it appears that the record-equalling Champion won’t be the one giving any of the answers that are needed since John Cena recently took to Twitter to tease his retirement following the historic WrestleMania match as well as pointing out that you should always “leave them guessing.”

This week’s SmackDown is yet to be filmed but The Fiend or Bray Wyatt is expected to be part of the show. Many questions will then be answered if Cena is unveiled as the newest puppet inside the Fun House or even if Cena is there in person.

At present, it appears that both Cena and Wyatt are happy to keep the WWE Universe guessing when it comes to the consequences of losing inside The FireFly Fun House.