John Cena To Star In Dr. Dolittle, Talks Duke Nukem Role

16-time WWE Champion and Future Hall Of Famer, John Cena has been cast in the upcoming 2019 film, “The Voyage of Doctor Dolittle”. On March 27, Hollywood Actor, Robert Downey Jr. announced on Instagram the cast for the new adaptation of Dr. Dolittle. Other notable celebrities/talents lending their voice for the movie are Selena Gomez, Emma Thompson, Rami Malek, Octavia Spencer, Ralph Fiennes, Kumail Nanjiani, Craig Robinson, Carmen Ejogo, Tom Holland, Marion Cotillard and Frances De La Tour. The film is scheduled to release on April 12, 2019 and will be distributed by Universal Pictures.


Cena, who was announced as a “free agent” by WWE in 2017, has adopted a limited schedule with the company to pursue his career in Hollywood. The Champ is also set to feature in a Duke Nukem Film project based on the popular video game character from the 1990s. In an interview with Screen Rant, John discussed the possibility of playing the character highlighting that the film had to have the right story.

“It has to come in told correct, told in a palatable sense for this generation, which you’re walking on eggshells…you can’t not be Duke Nukem, but you can’t make the wrong move…so I’m…what a blessing to be attached to that, a name like that, and I just hope development does the franchise justice”, Cena said.

John Cena’s upcoming film, “Blockers” will be distributed by Universal Pictures and is set to hit the silver screen on April 8, 2018