John Cena’s WrestleMania Opponent, Possible Reason Why Lars Sullivan’s Debut Was Postponed

Image via WWE

John Cena’s Opponent At WrestleMania 35

Royal Rumble is now just over two weeks away and it’s well-known that this signals the start of the Road To WrestleMania so the speculation for the card in New Jersey has already begun.

John Cena hasn’t been as active over the past year as usual in WWE, but it appears that the former 16-time World Champion will still be part of the show in April and according to The Wrestling Observer, he’s expected to have a mammoth of a task at hand.

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John Cena’s opponent is reported to be none other than Lars Sullivan, who is still waiting to make his debut on the main roster after months of WWE teasing that The Freak would be coming to Raw or SmackDown Live.

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Lars Sullivan’s Debut Postponed

Despite having a potentially huge WrestleMania match on his hands, it appears that Lars Sullivan has a few issues of his own to attend to first.

According to The Wrestling Observer, The Freak showed up ahead of Raw on Monday night and was prepared to work a dark match before he suffered an anxiety attack. WWE has become sensitive to any mental illnesses ever since Mauro Ranallo brought his to light and Sullivan was then given leave to go home early.

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Sullivan was then scheduled to be part of SmackDown Live the following night but he didn’t show up to the arena and instead flew home to Colorado.

It was added that “Nothing else is known, whether they will change plans or how it will be handled.”

Hopefully Sullivan is able to find a way to make his debut in the coming weeks, so that WWE can give him the WrestleMania match that he deserves.