John Cena’s Net Worth Is The Highest Of Any WWE Superstar

john cena

John Cena made his WWE debut in 1999, and now, at the age of 41 he may not be a full timer but he is still a big draw. He’s also made a name for himself outside of the ring.

Cena’s supposed to be one of the highest earning wrestlers in the business, and his outside endevours have earned him a lot as well. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Cena is worth $55million (£35.4m).

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According to Forbes, as of April 2018, Cena has overtaken Brock Lesnar as the WWE’s highest earning wrestler. Cena is estimated to have earned $10 million from the WWE alone in 2017.

Cena is estimated to make $8.5 million annually from wrestling and get $500,000 for every main event appearance. Aside from that, he also gets 5% of all his merchandise sales and 25% from the licensing deal. So, around $1 million annually from merch.

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Cena’s last official appearance in a WWE ring during the Greatest Royal Rumble (April 27) where he defeated Triple H. His next announced appearances are in a 6-man tag event for a WWE event in Shanghai, China (September 1) and a match against Kevin Owens at the WWE Super-Show in Australia (October 6).

Forbes also estimates that Cena gets over $2 million annually from his appearances outside WWE. This means his work on television and film.

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Cena’s last movie was the 3D animated film Ferdinand. His next appearance will be in Bumblebee, the sixth installment of the Transformers movie franchise set to be released this December. He is also currently a regular cast member on Total Divas.