John Cena’s Status For Crown Jewel Is Reportedly Still Up In The Air

John Cena
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John Cena is scheduled to be part of the WWE World Cup match in Saudi Arabia on November 2nd but given the controversy that has surrounding the country at present, Cena has opted to pull out of the show in order to maintain his image.

Despite the fact that WWE is aware that Cena isn’t heading over to Saudi Arabia with WWE, he was still part of all of the video packages for Crown Jewel last night on Raw and WWE made it seem as though he was still going to be part of the show.

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Whilst Cena has refused to be part of the event, it is now thought that there will be an official announcement regarding the show tomorrow and this could be why WWE hasn’t changed any promos for the show yet.

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Roman Reigns definitely won’t be there, but if the location changes then Cena could change his mind or Cena could have already changed his mind in light of the fact that the company has now lost their biggest star in the worst circumstances.

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There are a number of stars that don’t want to be part of the show including Daniel Bryan and Dean Ambrose, but interestingly there is only Cena who has told WWE that he refuses to travel to The Middle East.

The issue here is that even though WWE will have Cena if they opt to change location, Brock Lesnar and Shawn Michaels may pull out of the show if the money is no longer there.

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Crown Jewel is turning into a huge headache for WWE, but hopefully, when they make an official announcement regarding the show tomorrow, the WWE Universe will know who will be part of the event and what country it will be taking place in.