John E Bravo Shot During His Wedding With Rosemary on Impact Wrestling

Wedding segments in pro wrestling are always full of shocks and surprises and the recent wedding ceremony between Impact Wrestling’s Rosemary and John E Bravo was no different.

Bravo and Rosemary were about to conclude the nuptials with a kiss just when the lights went out and seconds later, a gun was fired.

When the lights came back on, Bravo was lying on the mat with a gunshot wound on his chest.

A hysterical Tommy Dreamer jumped in the ring to check on Bravo and asked “Who shot Bravo?” before screaming “NOOO!” to close the segment.

It’s unclear whether the character is with us anymore. What’s interesting is that Bravo was also the on-screen manager of Taya Valkyrie.

The segment as shocking as it may seem, could either be a way of writing Bravo off the television or a strategic move to show the on-air personality the door during the on-going pandemic.