John Morrison Files Own Trademark for “SlamTown”

Current WWE Raw Superstar John Morrison is seeking to trademark the term “SlamTown”. Morrison has been using the term “SlamTown” for some time now, but it is currently untrademarked.

Heel by Nature is reporting that Morrison’s attorney filed a trademark for the phrase with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) on November 23. The trademark filing is under his real name, John Hennigan.

They are seeking to trademark the phrase for use in entertainment services as related to professional wrestling.

According to screenshots that Hennigan and his lawyer attached to the trademark application, Hennigan has been using the term in a wrestling setting back in 2015.

Hennigan had been mostly wrestling on the independent circuit in 2015 and was part of Lucha Underground as Johnny Mundo. He had also been working for Lucha Libre AAA World Wide.

Morrison originally entered WWE by becoming a winner of Tough Enough, back in 2002, making his Raw debut in 2004. He initially left WWE back in 2011.

Morrison returned to WWE this year, on the January 3 episode of SmackDown, resuming his previous partnership with The Miz. The two were then drafted to Raw during the WWE draft in October.