John Morrison On Fans Booing Roman Reigns: “I Don’t Think He Deserves It Anymore”

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Former WWE Superstar John Morrison recently joined Hall Of Famer Jim Ross’ podcast, The Ross Report, and expressed his opinion on Roman Reigns. Morrison admitted that WWE should have seen the booing coming for pushing a Superstar too hard and fast and trying to establish him as the face of the company.

However, the high-flyer also noted that The Big Dog doesn’t deserve the hate anymore for what he has achieved over the years in WWE.

Reigns is booed at every arena he shows up at, but with Brock Lesnar’s actions on this week’s RAW and fans chanting “We Want Roman”, that could soon change.

“That’s a tricky one and I feel like he was a victim of the ‘John Cena Syndrome’ a little bit.” Morrison said. “And by that, I mean, when John started, he was pushed so hard, so fast, for so long, he was perceived as he didn’t deserve it, originally. And now, he [has] grown into one of the greatest workers of all time, I believe.”

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“I’d say it’s kind of the same for Roman. When he started, he was pushed really hard. Fans had an adverse reaction to that because he’s standing in the ring across from, I don’t know, AJ [Styles], or Sami Zayn, or Kevin Owens, or somebody that has been perceived to have fought their way up from the indies and scrapped and fought for everything they could get.”

“But now he [has] been working on top for so long that he has grown into quite a hand in the ring, I believe. Also, my perspective from people that I talk to, is that he’s pretty well liked in the locker room.”

“And now he [has] got this stigma from all that and it has kind of become cool, I believe, for the fans to boo Roman or be bored by Roman. Yeah, right. And maybe he deserved that five years ago, but I don’t think he deserves it anymore now. Now it’s a situation where it’s tough to deal with.”