John Morrison Reveals Why He Had To Return To WWE

Image via Twitter

John Morrison shocked the WWE Universe last week when it was confirmed that he had signed a new contract with WWE almost a decade after he was initially released from the company. Morrison had a fantastic first run with Vince McMahon’s conglomerate company as a former Intercontinental Champion and Tag Team Champion from his time in MNM.

Morrison’s career dwindled before his release in 2011 but following his WWE release, he decided to continue to work in the business. As an aspiring actor and world-known wrestler, it was a shock that Morrison opted to re-sign with WWE after the company struggled with ideas for his character the first time around.

The former Impact Wrestling star recently appeared on WWE’s The Bump where he was able to address his future and reveal why he decided to return to WWE.

“I was like the guy, the brand ambassador, and it was cool having all that autonomy and why I came back or why it took so long? I think I just had so much fun doing what I was doing and I’d always meant to come back here and then at this point, when I realized, I was like, “Man, I better, like, get my ass back to the WWE… before ten years goes by…cuz it starts flying.”

Despite the fact that Morrison has now officially re-signed with his old company, there has been no update from any official sources when it comes to when WWE plans to see him make his return. There is also the question of which brand he could return on since there are now three brands in WWE.

It could be argued that since he was talking about both Aleister Black and Seth Rollins during his appearance on The Bump, it means that he could be heading to his old stomping ground on Monday Night Raw.