Joint Brand PPV’s Are Now Officially Confirmed By The WWE

While this was one of the worst kept secrets in wrestling the last week or so, WWE has now officially confirmed that going forward, PPV’s will now be dual branded with matches from both RAW and Smackdown on each one.

Ticketmaster let the cat out of the bag when they revealed that Backlash would feature wrestlers from both RAW and Smackdown and this got the internet talking.

Well now, WWE has released a statement that shows that there will be one PPV per month going forward after WrestleMania and that they will all be dual branded. Poor ticket sales are the reason that people seem to think this is happening and the brand split has not really caught on like the WWE had hoped.

The same thing happened when they tried the brand split before only it took a much longer time for them to pull the plug on it. Of course, we do not know if the plug is being fully pulled on the brand split or if this is just in relation to PPV events. From what has been said, RAW and Smackdown are still going to feature their own set of wrestlers and only at PPV events will the two brands mix.

Of course, if ticket sales, live event revenues and of course TV ratings continue to dip, perhaps they will fully pull the plug on this latest brand split.