Jon Moxley Calls WWE Predictable, AEW Looking To Sign a WWE Prospect Soon

WWE and AEW laid out the battle lines a few months ago when both the companies announced their weekly programming in the same time-slot, leading to the Wednesday Night Wars.

Although both the companies insist on the lack of a battle between the two shows, the superstars have minced no words.

AEW star Jon Moxley f.k.a Dean Ambrose spoke to 101WKQX recently and talked about how different the situation is in WWE and AEW. Moxley said that WWE has a particular formula when it comes to booking segments, and they keep on following it every week, while AEW tries out new things with each passing week.

“[…] anything could happen, whereas in WWE or other promotions maybe, like not trying to throw any shade or anything, but it can be very predictable because they have a formula. Show opens, guy comes out with a mic, talks. Other guys’ music hits, comes out with a mic, talks. We’ve made the main event for tonight or whatever. There’s just these patterns and formulas that you see, and subconsciously you know as a fan what’s happening and you can predict stuff.”

Moxley has appeared on several podcasts and interviews and hasn’t held back from criticizing his former employers. He left WWE in April this year after staying with the company for more than seven years.

Moxley’s wife Renee Young is still employed with WWE and is currently the host of WWE Backstage. CM Punk also talked about the same issues as Moxley, during his time on WWE Backstage last week, calling WWE overproduced and micro-managed. Moxley talked about how there is no fixed lineup for AEW, and they keep pitching new ideas.

“We don’t have any formulas or patterns yet. One week we open the show with Nick Jackson and Fenix, and you see this ridiculous match. One week we open with a promo, one week we open with who knows? Maybe we’ll open with the World Title match tomorrow night. Maybe Chris Jericho says I’m the champion and I’m going on first. That could happen. I’m not saying that’s happening, it could. You know, I think it’s a great idea. I’m going to text somebody right now. Let’s just open the show, man. World Title. We could do anything.”

AEW has defeated NXT in ratings for seven weeks in a row, which means they are surely doing a better job than the yellow brand of WWE.

Elsewhere, AEW has apparently snatched a talent from right under WWE’s noses, and are close to signing Kris Statlander on a deal.

“Regarding Kris Statlander, it looks like she’ll be signing here. She and WWE were close to a deal but they had not sent a contract and then AEW booked her. WWE was under the impression she was coming in January and both sides want her.” – Wrestling Observer