Jon Moxley On WWE: “I Don’t Have Anything To Prove To Them”

Image via Twitter

Jon Moxley was once known as Dean Ambrose when he was contracted to WWE, but his contract expired back in April and despite reassuring WWE that he would return to the company after taking a break, he signed with AEW and made his shock debut a few weeks later at their Double or Nothing pay-per-view.

Moxley has since been quite outspoken about his time in WWE and the way he was booked by the creative team. The former World Champion even pinpointed the moment where he wanted to leave the company after he was booked to deliver a shocking promo where he actually took shots from a doctor backstage on RAW.

Moxley hasn’t pulled any punches when it comes to his former employers and he continued to make a point of this when he appeared on the State of Combat podcast.

“No, especially now since it’s been six months later. I’m not motivated about showing WWE anything. I showed them when I had my great run there. I don’t have anything to prove to them. I don’t care what they do now. Good luck to them or whatever, but I don’t have any of that chip on my shoulders about me showing Vince McMahon, I honestly don’t have that. I feel like that would be negative anyway. My energy is about creating new, positive things and putting out good, creative angles and enjoying myself, and enjoying the fact that I don’t have to have a real job and to live my dream of being a pro wrestler, which is all I ever wanted to do,” he said via WrestlingInc.

In recent months, Moxley has become one of AEW’s biggest stars and has been able to wrestle his way, something that he always wanted. His most recent match against Kenny Omega at Full Gear has definitely caused some controversy though since many believe that it went too far out of the realm of wrestling to be seen as an unsanctioned match.