Jon Moxley Reveals How Much Creative Control He Has Over His Character In AEW

Former WWE star Dean Ambrose (now Jon Moxley) has become one of the biggest stars in AEW ever since his in-ring debut back at Fyter Fest in the summer, but one of the reasons that he left the biggest wrestling promotion in the world back in April was because of the way his character was booked.

AEW offered him much more freedom and after working with the company for the best part of 2019, it appears that Moxley is happy with the progress that he has made through All Elite.

Speaking on State of Combat Podcast, Moxley was asked about how much creative control he has over his character in AEW since it was the main catalyst to why he decided to walk away from the company.

“Pretty much. Full control — it’s all a collaborative effort. There’s so many great ideas that come in, and I go ‘That’s a great idea. Really, that’s cool. We could do that. Hell yeah, that’s awesome!’. And I’m hearing good ideas. I have full control on that, you know.”

“I’m not gonna go out there and do anything that makes me look stupid, at least not on purpose. And that is a very — that’s a giant kind of weight lifted off my shoulders. Yeah, it’s a collaborative effort with everybody.”

“Everybody’s got ideas, everybody adds their own little flavor to the mix. You’ve got all these talented, super creative guys that have no fear of reprisals. There’s no higher-ups we’re trying to make sure we have to please or anything like that.”

“It’s super-creative guys who don’t give a damn what anybody thinks. We’re trying to put on something that we like, that we think the people will like”

Moxley defeated Joey Janela last night on AEW Dynamite and seems to continue to climb the AEW ladder week by week.