Jon Moxley Warns KENTA Ahead of Their IWGP US Championship Match

AEW’s Jon Moxley appeared in a segment on the latest episode of NJPW Strong to send a message to his rival, KENTA.

Moxley is the current holder of the IWGP US Championship and KENTA is the #1 contender for that championship. The two are set to fight for it this February 26 during New Beginning USA 2021.

In a segment with Kevin Kelly, Moxley talked about the upcoming title match, warning his competitor that it’s not going to be easy to take his championship.

“You can’t litigate your way to the US Championship, you can’t talk your way into it.” declared Moxley. “You have to take me out.”

“I live for this stuff,” Moxley told Kelly. “He has to kick a hole through my chest.”

Moxley and KENTA have been crossing over to each other’s promotions recently to ambush and threaten each other. Most recently, KENTA ambushed Moxley after a match during the last episode of AEW Dynamite.

KENTA is currently a member of the NJPW faction, Bullet Club. This is the faction that Kenny Omega, who took the AEW World Championship from Moxley, was also a part of.

After KENTA ambushed Moxley, Omega maneuvered it so that there would be a tag match with him and KENTA against Moxley and AEW’s Lance Archer on the next episode of Dynamite.

The match has been officially announced and booked under the stipulation Falls Count Anywhere.